What is the order of creation? Gen 1:20 – 28 or Gen 2:19.

In Genesis 1:20 – 28 we are told that the order is:
5th Day: sea creatures and birds
6th Day: cattle, creeping things, and beast of the earth. Then he made spirit beings called man, male and female beingings.
7th day God rested
According to Gen 2:5 plants are not yet in the earth and the herbs have not yet grown because there is no man to till the ground.
Next in Gen 2 :7 it would appear that after the 7th day God formed the first male physical body from the ground. Then in vs 8 He planted a garden eastward in Eden. Out of the ground He made the trees.
Next in Gen 2:15 He takes the man and puts him in the garden to look after it. He is told what trees to eat and that He is not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
God now says that it is not good for man to be alone in the garden so He decides to make him a helper.
Now He forms out of the ground every beast of the foeld and every bird of the air. This is where He makes a sample of everything that he has made and brings them to Adam to name them.
None of these are suitable so in vs 21 He puts Adam to sleep. He then takes a rib from his side and makes Eve out of it.
So in fact God creates animals and birds on two separate occasions, Gen1:20 – 28 and Gen 2:19..
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