Please consider. Who is Santa?

Yahweh (Father of Jesus) 

Santa (Satan)

False God

Known as God the Father

Known as Father Christmas


Seated on throne of grace.

Usually seated on a throne in the centre of shopping centre.


Bible says He lives on the sides of the North.

Santa is supposed to live at the North Pole.


Knows everything about every person.

Knows whether every person is naughty or nice.


Father has Book of Life.

Santa has his list.


Yahweh is eternal.

Santa is supposed to have always lived.


God says “Do not make any carved image or likeness of anything”.

Images and statues of Santa are everywhere. In fact Santa is a walking idol.

Idols are set up for worship.

People come to Father and make request in prayer.

Children come to Santa and make request for Christmas gifts.

People come to idol and make request in prayer.

Angels serve Yahweh

Elves help Santa.

Priests usually serve idol.

God does not need food.

People leave out cookies and milk for Santa to eat.

People bring food to idol for god to eat.


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One Response to Please consider. Who is Santa?

  1. Timothy says:

    Lol…. I found this one funny…… I think the whole santa clause thing has gotten out of hand…. the way it originally started out was innocent and Godly… with mr st nick…. but now its like

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